Fields of Expertise

• Collaborative Law/Divorce
• Divorce
• Alimony
• Family Relocation
• Family Law Modification

• Property Division
• Custody
• Visitation/Timesharing & Parenting
• Child Support
• Domestic Violence

• Mediation
• Paternity
• Father’s Rights
• Post-dissolution of Marriage Matters
• Enforcement and Modification Proceedings

• Interstate and International Child Abduction
• Parental Kidnapping under the Hague Convention
• Adoption
• Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements

No matter what the case is, Ms. Nieto has extensive experience handling the tough and complex cases of matrimonial matters in a knowledgeable and professional manner for clients throughout South Florida.

Divorce is never easy, especially when children, large sums of money, personal property or family-owned businesses are involved. The proper legal representation is critical to understanding complex financial circumstances and resolving difficult cases efficiently.

Ms. Nieto dedicates 100% of her practice to Matrimonial law and complex international custody cases.